Programs & Costs

Kira Surrogacy is proud to provide a spectrum of surrogacy programs, each meticulously designed to accommodate the diverse needs of our prospective parents. We recognize that every journey to parenthood is unique, and thus, our offerings reflect the individual circumstances of our clients. We also offer a cost calculator in our Kira Surrogacy Client App so you can properly budget your program.

Some intended parents may require the assistance of an egg donor, while others may already possess their own viable eggs. In certain scenarios, intended parents may already have embryos that require secure transportation. Alternatively, there may be instances where a trusted friend or a family member has graciously agreed to donate their eggs. We are aware that not everyone fits into a standard program. If you have unique needs or circumstances, feel free to schedule a consultation with us.

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Regardless of your unique circumstances, we assure you that Kira Surrogacy has a tailored solution to meet your needs. In the following sections, we will delve into more detailed explanations of each of our program offerings to help you better understand the variety of paths available on your journey to parenthood.

Gestational Surrogacy with the Intended Mother’s Egg

Estimated Cost: $65k, for a cost breakdown visit Program Costs

Gestational Surrogacy with the Intended Mother’s Egg is a highly favored program for those aspiring mothers seeking a biological linkage to their child. Prior to embarking on this journey, certain preliminary investigations ought to be conducted locally and subsequently submitted to our medical team for comprehensive evaluation. Once medical clearance is granted for both the intended mother and father, logistical arrangements for travel can be coordinated to facilitate the provision of the sperm sample and the retrieval of eggs. This program is specifically tailored to accommodate women who, despite possessing viable eggs, are unable to physically bear a child. The intersection of advanced medical technologies and our team’s profound expertise makes this program an optimal choice for intended parents navigating these particular circumstances.

Gestational Surrogacy Using Shipped Embryos

Estimated Cost: $55k, for a cost breakdown visit Program Costs

Our Gestational Surrogacy program utilizing Shipped Embryos represents an excellent choice for those who have pre-existing embryos and are in search of a suitable surrogate for gestation. The procedure follows a structured and streamlined approach. The initial phase involves a detailed review of the embryology report, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) panel, and any fertility assessments conducted prior to the embryo creation. Upon the thorough analysis and subsequent medical approval from our skilled team, we advance to the next stage, which entails the coordination of shipping logistics.

To ensure the utmost safety and adherence to all required protocols, we employ a specialized shipping service dedicated to transporting your embryos with the highest level of security to our clinic. Once your embryos are safely received, we then proceed with surrogate matching and orchestrate the planning of the embryo transfer. We’re committed to providing the best care and service at every step of this remarkable journey.

Gestational Surrogacy Using An Egg Donor

Estimated Cost: $70k, for a cost breakdown visit Program Costs

Our Gestational Surrogacy Using An Egg Donor program is ideally suited to meet the needs of male same-sex couples, single men, and women who may not have the capacity to utilize their own eggs. This program necessitates the selection of an egg donor from our extensive database available in the Kira Surrogacy Client Application.

Our team of experienced coordinators will collaborate closely with you to ensure that you identify an egg donor whose profile aligns not only with your unique requirements, but also with your specified timeline. The financial aspect of procuring an egg donor from our database is handled with utmost transparency and consideration for the client’s budget.